Friday, September 21, 2007

September 19, 2007 Show Notes

A lot of fun on the show today. Of course every show is fun but there was additional excitement for a few reasons. The call-in guest was great with his rendition of Hippie Van. That was Seattle musician Michael Trew. He and fellow musician, Jessica Eballar, provided music (awesome music) for the PBR's charity benefit event.

The benefit event, by the way, was held Thursday the 20th and it was a great success. Over $750 worth of donations were provided to the YWCA Women's Support shelter.

We took another baby step on the show, a live, in-studio guest. Dr. Lance Lorfeld, owner of Lakewood Chiropractic was on hand to provide listeners with lots of great information about Chiropractics and healthy living. Good Times!

Tips for personal best living included information about allowing yourself to succeed. All too often we don't think we deserve such things. Wrong!

Dream big dreams and make them happen.

Dr. Grow